Delivery/Lunch Boxes

If you specify a time, we can grill your unagi just before we deliver it to you. Same-day orders can be placed up to 30 minutes in advance.

Unagi-don, unaju boxed lunches

  • Premium nagayaki fillets
    (7 unagi fillets, 1 bottle of sauce)
  • Nagayaki fillets
    (5 unagi fillets, 1 bottle of sauce)
  • Unaju fillets
    (2 unagi fillets, pickles)
  • Premium fillet bento
    (5 unagi fillets, pickles)
  • Fillet bento
    (4 unagi fillets, pickles)

(Prices above include 8% consumption tax.)

Delivery is generally limited to within five minutes of our restaurant: east to the Nittai-ji Temple, west to the Ring Route, north to Nagoya City University, and south to Haruoka Elementary School.
(These limits do not apply if the restaurant is not particularly crowded. We are flexible about distance and quantity in order requests, so please call us and ask.)