Our Commitments

We are committed to sourcing the finest eels and using only carefully selected ingredients to bring you unagi with authentic flavor.

Our supply arrives every morning to ensure freshness.
We carefully select each individual eel, checking of course for life,
but also for its fatty portion and other aspects.
The eel we purchase is placed in well water to firm its flesh.

Our Commitment to Cooking Methods

To serve our customers the freshest possible eel,
we prepare and season each eel just before we serve it.
Then we grill it instantly to seal in the flavor.

When learning the cooking techniques for unagi, the saying goes,
“It takes three years to learn to skewer, five for cutting, and a lifetime for grilling.”
This reflects the delicate techniques and refined senses that unagi requires.
Methods of slicing, grilling, and making sauce vary from region to region.
Shinpo follows the Nagoya style, and even uses Nagoya cutting knives.

Our Exquisite Sauce Brings Out the Eel’s Full Flavor

We combine aged, pressed tamari soy sauce with quality mirin,
stir in specially-selected sugar and simmer our sauce for a full day,
then let it marinate before serving.
We adjust our blending and cooking times for each season
in a tradition we have kept since our founding.

Shinpo’s secret tare brings out the full, authentic flavor of the eel.

Our Spirit of Omotenashi

Shinpo places great importance in its spirit of omotenashi (hospitality)
and the great care taken in its work.
This cannot be achieved by the shopkeeper alone.
Our entire staff works together to provide the finest service.
We put in our greatest efforts day after day
so that every customer says goodbye to us
having fully enjoyed a once-in-a-lifetime experience.